Senior Attendant Group - the leading provider of quality senior concierge services.

About Senior Attendant Group


The Senior Attendant Group was founded by the need of their own elderly family members and watching their aging friends struggle with getting the best deals, finding quality help, getting "ripped off" and nobody their to help when they need to make the best educated decisions. And simply many did not have the time or patience to deal with choices alone. So the Senior Attendant Group was formed to fill this void. We are not errand runners, and we are not cheap, but we are the best when it comes to tackling the tough world when you need an expert on your side to help you.


The Senior Attendant Group is made of experts in many fields. They are seasoned and tough negotiators, have a wide business acumen and know a lot about a lot of things. The group leader has over 30 years of corporate management experience, holds an MBA, grew up on the tough streets of Detroit, started and grew many successful local businesses and is a Notary and a Michigan Licensed Private Detective. What the group doesn't know, they know someone that does. They get things done efficiently with research and expertise. Everyone that is part of the team has to pass a rigorous background check and is sensitive to senior needs and lifestyles.

The Senior Attendant Group has a goal to do the best for the client as if it was for yourself. To never compromise and strive for the best solutions that assist the seniors in their golden age and needs.