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The Senior Attendant Group is dedicated with providing you or your elder loved ones with the best concierge service in Metro Detroit, Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County, Michigan.​ We provide expert solutions and assistance to those that can't or don't want to and those that simply want an expert to do it for them. We are not an in home care, shuttle transport or grocery getting errand agency. Instead, we cater to those that value their time and want expertise in their daily life. We are the "Senior Attendant or Concierge" to those in their golden years.  Think of us as your senior lifestyle managers!

Our team specializes in several areas; Home Management, Personal Concierge Services and Safety.



“Scott saved me thousands on my new  car and motor home.”

Audrey Sellers

“There is nearly nothing they can't help me with. In fact, they even found me my current best company, Rex, he is my pure bred  Labrador.

Arthur Milton

“I wouldn't even know where to begin to get the best deal on my appliances or travel. Don't be fooled by AARP travel deals, as they are not really the best deal. My senior attendant helped me more than my own children to get the best for me.”

Betty Taylor


“...they helped me transition to a new living space; they sold my unneeded junk, coordinated the movers, found me a great agent to sell my home and helped me relocate across town.”

Ralph Pearlman

Senior Lifestyle Managers